Natural therapies for pets

At Canna Vets we want to offer a comprehensive help service where veterinarians, experts in the use of cannabinoids, indicate the best way to treat pets with medicinal cannabis. It seeks to offer organic, sustainable and quality products, so pets owners can have healthier and happier companions, that can spend many years sharing good times with them.

  • Veterinary consultation for using medical cannabis
  • Adequate dosage for each specific clinical case.
  • Follow up and dosage adjustment
  • Recommendation for safe products
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Veterinarian consultancy specialized in CBD oil


Follow Up

We offer follow-up and accompaniment during a therapy with cannabinoids in animals. In this way, we can verify the evolution and, if necessary, adjust the dosage.


Veterinary consultancy

CannaVets offers comprehensive help for those people interested in natural therapies for the care of their pets. We work hard for placing CBD oil closer to your pets, in a safe and professional manner.

Frequently asked questions about using CBD oil in animals

These are some of the most common asked questions about the use of medical cannabis for pets. We selected the most important, but if you have any other question, contact us.

No, pets will not get any high feeling from using medical cannabis, as these treatments are mainly based on CBD, which is the no-psychoactive compound, by which pets will not get any high effect.

No, and it is important to do not administer or permit him to eat any cannabis plant. Animals are very sensitive to THC, contained into cannabis plants, and it can really harm him, instead of helping. In some cases, pets died due to the ingestion of plants or foods containing cannabis. Cannabinoids therapies are mainly based on CBD oil, with THC free.
CBD is mainly administered orally in pets. Depending on the type of treatment required, we will advise about how to administer it. In some cases, it can also be used in form of a suppository, if the case warrants.
Even if there exist extraction methods to obtain cannabinoids, the main object of a cannabinoid therapy is to receive a stable administration. This can be obtained using oils with the same cannabinoids concentration, taking care that it does not contain heavy metals and pesticides, typical of an artisanal manufacture.
Write to or through the form within the contact page, and describe your pet’s case. We will answer you if it is possible to use medical cannabis in his case and if we would need more information about it.
At the moment, the cannabinoid consultation is being offered remotely. Though, if we consider it would be more convenient to have a visit in person, we will inform you after analyzing the case.
During an emergency, time is of the essence and it is best to go quickly to the vet, who treats your pet, or the nearest veterinarian. Although cannabinoids, such as CBD, are not toxic, there may always be the possibility for an animal to have an allergic reaction to one of the components.
When you go to the veterinarian, explain to him what exactly you have administered and in what dosage or what your pet has ingested, so that the vet can have a clear idea about what is generating that reaction.
The first thing is to instantly go to the nearest vet or to whom is treating your pet. Animals don’t tolerate THC, which is found within the Cannabis plant, and on some occasions, it can be quite toxic. It is important to indicate what your pet has taken and since how much time. The effects can start to appear between 30 minutes and 3 hours after he has swallowed cannabis.

“Since my dog was diagnosed with Epilepsy, I was seeking for a less aggressive alternative for its body, that could help to decrease its epileptic attacks. When the dog was going through a crisis, we could only make him stop by using a suppository and it always took longer to react. But now, using CBD during a crisis, in a few minutes he stops trambling and starts to relax. It is already 6 months that he doesn’t experience any attacks.”

Claudia V., Owner of Sheldon

“A few months ago, my cat was experiencing pain and it stopped wanting to play and moving. When we brought him to the vet, he told us that our cat was starting to have symptoms of arthritis. As we were already using CBD for treating chronic back pain, so we asked if it was possible it would also work on our cat. The veterinarian put us in contact with Canna Vets, in order to receive from them some advice about how to start using CBD. We can observe that, since the cat started taking it, he is active again and he regained the appetite as well.”

Mario R., Owner of Neko

“I have many turtles at home and sometimes is common that they eat something they should not. I asked Canna Vets if CBD could help one of them, as he had lost appetite. With a few drops, it came back to eat like always.”

Alejandro R., Owner of Donatello

Experts in animal care

People, worried about the health of their pets, trust us for caring about the needs of their beloved friends. We are specialists in cannabinoids treatments, committed to offering the best veterinarian attention, focused on the use of medical cannabis.

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